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Yumehito comment

Hello Everyone. I’m Moroboshi Yumehito. We’re going to America, so we’re working really hard. Please support us. I love America! I love all of humanity, but I want to go to America.

By the way is there karaoke in America? If there is I’ll go.
And we’re going to work really hard for the US show, so please come! Please!
If you can’t come then come to Japan. But since we’re going to America, please see us there. I guess there going to put a translation on this. Right down here. Because I can’t speak a word of English. So I’ll leave that to the translator.
But now I’m going to say something hard to translate, because I want to talk a lot!
A Japanese tongue-twister!
Gusu… No that’s wrong:
Busu, gasu, bakuhatsu.
So what is this in English?
I guess you just say it like that.
“Kaeru pyoko pyokomi pyoko pyoko!”
OK say it! You there in front of the screen.


Kaeru pyoko pyokoME pyoko pyoko!
I’m not asking the impossible right? Right.

Now say it!
“Kaeru pyoko pyokomi pyoko pyoko awasete pyoko pyokomu pyoko pyoko!”
Now say it!
This has been Muroboshi.

Evenyone in America, see ya!

кто знает англ., плиииииз, переведите...ТТ

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Tsukikoi, Taikanshiki zenya & Kiss Me Now


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by vizualkeidestiny

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Ayabie на амёбе**

Ayabie [彩冷える]

оно скачано с ютуба ТТ

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Ayabie - live Distributed DVD @ Osaka BIG CAT

Порылась у себя в локалке и обнаружила вот это:
"Ayabie - live Distributed DVD @ Osaka BIG CAT"


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Ayabie Forever